Breast Expansion Serum Clinical Trial Blowjob

Thank you so much for taking part in my research! Today we’re going to test my latest Breast Expansion Serum formula! To do so, first I’ll inject you with my new serum, which has the side effect of making you able to cum huge loads one after the other, then I’ll give you a handjob/blowjob! The serum has to bind with the proteins in your semen to work, of course! I’ll be the test subject for the breast expansion as I’ve run out of other girls willing to partake in this study- all of my previous subjects have exploded! But don’t you worry about that, I made the formula right this time, I’m sure of it! Now just lay back and relax, and once you’ve cum enough you can go pick up your $20 gift card at the reception desk for participating! 

In this breast expansion video, I play a scientist running clinical trials on a new serum that should make my boobs inflate after ingesting your cum! I make you cum in my mouth three times, each time making my boobs grow more! Luckily for me, I made the serum correctly and didn’t explode! Instead I’m left with beautiful huge boobs!

Length: 15 Minutes


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Naughty Schoolgirl Gives Virgin Friend Blowjob Demonstration

You know how I’ve been playing with your cock everyday after school for a while now? Well my friend Lacey over here has never even seen a cock before! She’s curious about what it’s like to give a blowjob – do you mind if she watches?

In this naughty schoolgirl blowjob lesson video I demonstrate my blowjob skills to Lacey, showing her how much fun it is to lick, suck and tease a cock! I start slow, showing her how I love to tease the sensitive underside with my fingertips and tongue, then I start to stroke faster, showing her how to wrap her fingers around the base to make your cock pulse and throb! When you get close to cumming, I invite Lacey to sit next to me so she gets a close-up view of you shooting a huge load of cum right onto my tongue! I happily lick up every drop that missed my mouth- including some on Lacey’s fingers- and swirl the cum in my mouth before finally swallowing it all!

Length: 12 Minutes


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Teasing My Sissy Before My Date

You better keep a smile on that face sissy! I know, it must be sooooo hard for you, seeing your wife going out on a date with another man! I know you must ache in chastity, but that actually amuses me quite a bit to know how frustrated you’re going to be while I’m out with a real man! And if I dare see a frown on your face sissy, well, we’re just going to have to skip your relief date altogether!

I know I’m your wife, but that doesn’t mean you get to have sex with me! In fact, you can’t have sex with anyone! The rest of your life is going to be spent in chastity! If you so much as get hard, just thinking about another woman, well that would be cheating! I can’t have that!

I have good news! Master Dennis has decided that you’re not allowed to see your wife naked anymore! You should thank him! Don’t you love that a younger man gets to see your wife naked, all while you’re doing domestic household drudgery being our perfect little sissy maid! That’s right! When we’re out dancing, you’ll be home scrubbing all of my shoes clean! When I’m out at the movies, you’ll be scrubbing the toilet with your toothbrush! When we’re having amazing sex, you’ll be at the sink, delicately cleaning all the expensive lingerie you bought me! Dennis and I even thought of a new nickname for you, Miss Scrubs! And every time we call you Miss Scrubs, you have to curtsy for us like a perfect sissy maid! Doesn’t that sound like fun? Of course it does! Good sissy.

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Brutal Humilation


This is your life now, on the ground, naked, humiliated. How pathetic is it that you need girls like me yelling at you to get off. You’ll never be able to touch us, and we’ll take all your money. That’s right, every woman on Earth knows how much a pervert you are, and we’ll blackmail you until you have nothing left. Welcome to your new life at my feet maggot.

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Get Moving Fuckface!


You. Are. Pathetic. You are a sad sack of crap, and I’m going to make you exercise naked for me. But you can’t do it can you? You’re too fat, too old, too ugly too stupid, you disgust me. You’ll never be able to get a hot girl like me, so just give up, and give in to me. *Severe Verbal Humiliation, Femdom, Corset, Role Play, BDSM Instruction*

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