Close-Up: Hairy Pussy Masturbation

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In this sensual hairy pussy masturbation video, I give you a nice close-up view as I use my fingers to slowly pleasure myself! Watch as my fingertips tease my clit, making it throb, until finally plunge my finger into my wet pussy! I love varying the intensity, rubbing a little faster here and there before slowing down again, building my excitement until I can’t help but orgasm! This solo masturbation video features just one straight-on view so you never lose focus of the action!

In the future I plan on re-doing this video after I’ve waxed for those of you who prefer a smooth pussy, or just like the variety! Let me know what you think!

Length: 13 Minutes


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Masturbation, Blowjob & Sex Show! Sexy Snapchat Saturday – March 4th 2017

This week we give you a behind the scenes peek of our two upcoming videos Voyeur Step Sister Masturbation and Sensual Morning Sex Wife Blowjob! See clips and angles not in those videos! Watch as I touch my pussy, spreading my bush so you can see my fingers slowly tease my clit, then, after a outfit change into a satin nightie, watch as I suck Dennis’ cock, getting him nice and hard and wet before I climb on top and slide him into my tight pussy. I ride him, my breasts bouncing, until just before he can’t help but cum, which is when I lay down and Dennis mounts my chest, allowing me to stroke his cock right onto my face!

Make sure to watch both full videos to see what you’re missing! Voyeur Step Sister Masturbation and Sensual Morning Sex Wife Blowjob!

Length: 5 Minutes

Let me know what you’d like to see for next week’s Sexy SnapChat Saturday!

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Canada Day Creampie!

Happy Canada Day to my fellow Canadians!

I love being outside in the summer, so I thought since I have a nice big Canada flag, why not find a nice somewhat secluded spot outside and film something fun! In this masturbation and creampie video, I sit on the Canada flag and fuck myself with my vibrator, rubbing my pussy until I cum! I have to be quiet though since there are people walking around the park! I stifle my moans, then invite you to fuck me next! I get down on my knees in front of you, sucking your cock until you’re nice and hard and slippery, then you turn me around and fuck me from behind! I grab my vibrator and hold it on my clit as you thrust deep inside of me; I take the camera into my hand and give you a peek of the action from below! It’s always so much more exciting to fuck outside, with the thrill of possibly getting caught, so it’s not long until you cum inside me and give me a huge creampie! I bend over, giving you a perfect view of all your cum dripping out of me, while I continue to play with my vibrator!

Length: 12 Minutes


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Heart Rate Monitor Sexercise!

I thought it would be fun to see how my heart rate changes while having sex! First I take some deep breathes and relax to get a baseline heart rate, then I grab my Hitachi and get to work! The Hitachi on my pussy really increases my heart rate, especially when I have a huge orgasm! Of course the next test is to see what happens when I’m getting fucked, so Dennis fucks me from behind while I watch my heart rate monitor until he shoots his cum into me and gives me a nice creampie! It didn’t raise my heart rate as much as I thought it would, but I enjoyed it enough to add it as a regular part of my exercise routine! 😉

Length: 16 Minutes


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Montreal Sexplorations – Part 2 – Public Masturbation & Cum Play

After Dennis gave me a huge mouthful of cum in Part 1, I had an idea! Rather than just swallow it all down as usual, I let it spill out of my mouth and directly onto my bare smooth pussy! I was hoping to get his cum on my pussy on this trip anyway, and this seemed like the best way to do that! I rubbed in his cum all over my pussy, then got out my little mini-hitachi vibrator and played with that until I had a huge orgasm! A great way to end our Montreal Sexploration! 😉

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Triple Cum Handjob!

After Dennis and I had finished shooting Stroking to the Beat Episode 4, we let the camera keep rolling and I kept stroking him! I love seeing how many times I can make him cum in a row, and how much cum I can milk out of his cock! I managed to make him cum 3 times in a row before it was just too much for him, but maybe next time I’ll get that elusive quadruple cum! 😉

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The Strip Tease Mesmerize Seduction of Batman

Oh Bruce! I’m so glad you could come! My family is being threatened by a dangerous man and you’re the only one who can help us! Please, come in, have a seat! Is there anything I can tempt you with…

Pendant shimmers in the light

Bruce, are you staring at my pendant, or my tits? I don’t mind, I know many men find them attractive. In fact, all I want you to do is relax, and think about how beautiful my breasts and my pendant is… would you like to watch me dance? I can see by the bulge in your pants how much you like the way my body moves…

Why don’t you take your cock out, Bruce? Don’t be shy, I want to see what you’ve got there. That’s my good weak little superhero! Now I want you to stroke your cock for me. When I move my hips fast like this, I want you to stroke faster, and when I move my hips slow like this, I want you stroke slower. And don’t you dare cum until I give you permission…

You’ve been such a good boy Bruce, would you like to cum now? Beg me. Beg me to let you cum. This is your last chance to break my spell. All you have to do is ask me to stop, but if you don’t, you will be mine forever. You will betray your core beliefs, your morals, even your closest friends, just like Robin when he told me your true identity. Soon even the whole Justice League will serve me.


Now tell me Batman, what is Superman’s real identity?

*In this mesmerize/hypnotize roleplay video I play the seductress Mesmera who has lured Batman to her home, and ensnared him with her hypnotic pendant and seductive dancing. I dance to control your strokes until you cum all over yourself, completely under my spell.*

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Intimate Moments Season 2, Episode 1 – The Doll House

This is the first episode of the second season of Intimate Moments! This is a show where I read erotica, and we share an intimate moment!

In this episode, I read the 3rd story in my Bimbofication series, The Doll House!

Today’s doll-to-be is a woman who was caught trying to break into the facility over night.
She cries, “please! It was just a misunderstanding! Please just let me go!” I laugh. There’s no hope for her now. Soon she will go through a bimbo transformation – receiving huge breasts, new lips and hair, and of course losing her sentience. And there’s nothing she can do about it.


This 2400+ word bimbo transformation story features a sexy transformation scene and a naughty MMMF sex scene! Read this story for free down below!

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Masturbation for Step-Daddy 2

Hey Daddy! I’m so glad you’re back home from work! Come sit with me! I have so much to tell you! I had so much fun at school today! Today was the first day that the school started selling the dance tickets and I had a whole bunch of boys wanting to ask me to the dance to be their date! So you know what I did? Well, I made it a competition!

I figured that since they seemed to expect that I’d be giving my date a blowjob after the dance, I figured it’s only fair that the person who can best finger me should be my date! I know, I’m such a naughty girl! So, I got them to all line up behind the portables in the yard, and one at a time they would come over and I would let them touch me all over! I know, I’m so bad, but I thought you would want to hear all about it!

*This taboo porn video features me as your hot young step-daughter in my schoolgirl uniform, telling you how much I’ve been a naughty schoolgirl letting boy after boy finger me at school! I get so horny telling you all this, that I can’t help but touch myself and then I cum thinking about how much I would rather have step-Daddy’s cock inside me instead of those silly boys!*


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