Sex Therapist Saffron Helps You Reach Orgasm

So since this is our third sex therapy session, I thought we’d take things a little bit further. Firstly, how have your troubles with reaching orgasm improved over our last two sessions? You still can’t reach orgasm? Well, I’m hoping this session will really help change that!

I’m thinking maybe your technique might be the problem. We’ve talked about dealing with stress and thinking sexual thoughts, so if that hasn’t helped you, I think we’ll need to take things into more serious territory.

Today I’m going to have you take unbutton your pants and take out your cock for me. Oh, you don’t have to be embarrassed! I’m a professional, this is what I do for a living! I’m going to tell you exactly how I’d like you to touch yourself, and we’ll see how it goes!

Now, I wouldn’t want you to feel awkward or uncomfortable with me just sitting here watching you, so I thought I’d give you some visual stimulation… and maybe we can reach orgasm together! Does that sound good? Alright, now unbutton those pants for me…


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Stroking to the Beat! – Episode 1 – “My Heart is a Fist”


This is the pilot episode of my new show, “Stroking to the Beat!”
Try to match my strokes and last until the end of the song! Can you make it?
This episode’s music was provided by Betasmash and features his awesome song, “My Heart is a Fist”!
Check out the rest of his music here!



Sexy Nurse Saffron Needs a Sample

I’m going to need a sample of your semen for some tests! Unfortunately I don’t have any magazines, so maybe I can help you out instead? You don’t have to be shy with me, I’m a nurse and I’m here to help you in any way possible! 

In this sexy nurse medical fetish jerk off instruction video, I play a nurse who needs a sample of your semen! Dressed in my nurse costume, I encourage you to stroke for me, teasing you with my breasts!

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JOI- It Turns Me On When You Stroke Your Cock For Me!


I heard you like stroking your cock while you watch me… don’t be embarrassed! It turns me on so much to know how much you find me attractive… how about you take that cock out for me and I’ll tell you how I want to see you stroke it…as I get undressed and touch myself for you! Features: Jerk off instruction, Jerk off encouragement, Stripping, School girl outfit, foot fetish- stinky feet/stockings, panty fetish,

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Brutally Humiliating Teacher JOI


You’re in detention for being a pervert and staring at my ass and boobs during class! You’re a pathetic piece of who will never get laid. You disgust me. I swear at you, yell at you… and you just start rubbing your cock over your pants, under your desk. Fine, if you want to jerk off to me yelling at you… I’m going to make this your most humiliating experience. I make you show me your baby dick and stroke it until you cum in a puddle in front of my feet with a countdown at the end!

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Cum On My Boobs


I going to make you cum all over these boobs! Wearing a tightly-laced under bust corset, I kneel down in front of you and take your already hard cock into my warm, wet mouth. I lick, and suck you ever so gently, teasing just the head at first. I love licking you like a lollipop! I feel your cock start to pulse with every lick so I take you all the way into my mouth and begin to gently stroke with my hands. I make my way down your shaft with my tongue, and kiss and caress your sensitive balls. You’re getting so close now, so I stroke you a little more and you explode all over my boobs!