Breast Expansion Serum Clinical Trial Blowjob

Thank you so much for taking part in my research! Today we’re going to test my latest Breast Expansion Serum formula! To do so, first I’ll inject you with my new serum, which has the side effect of making you able to cum huge loads one after the other, then I’ll give you a handjob/blowjob! The serum has to bind with the proteins in your semen to work, of course! I’ll be the test subject for the breast expansion as I’ve run out of other girls willing to partake in this study- all of my previous subjects have exploded! But don’t you worry about that, I made the formula right this time, I’m sure of it! Now just lay back and relax, and once you’ve cum enough you can go pick up your $20 gift card at the reception desk for participating! 

In this breast expansion video, I play a scientist running clinical trials on a new serum that should make my boobs inflate after ingesting your cum! I make you cum in my mouth three times, each time making my boobs grow more! Luckily for me, I made the serum correctly and didn’t explode! Instead I’m left with beautiful huge boobs!

Length: 15 Minutes


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Puff up for me until you burst!


I noticed at that party that you were having no problem blowing up those balloons with just a single breath, and never getting winded! I was very impressed! I actually have a bit of an inflation fetish, and I’d love if you would puff yourself up again for me! I want to see you get so big! It turns me on to see you balloon up, I hope you won’t burst on me!

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