3 Chances to Cum Handjob Game!

I’ve been teasing and denying you for days now and I know your cock must just be aching to cum! But it serves you right for breaking both your hands skiing! Earlier today I found your wallet and saw three twenty dollar bills in it which gave me an idea… how about I finally give you a chance to cum? Or more like THREE chances to cum? 

I have these big pink dice, and each roll will cost you a $20 bill! In the first round I’ll multiply whatever I roll by 2, and that’s how many strokes I’ll give you! In the second round I’ll multiply your roll by 4, and in the third, and final round I’ll multiply your roll by 6! If you start to cum in any round though, I won’t stop stroking! I’ll be nice and not ruin your orgasm this time! Wanna play? 

This video is a sequel to Cock Teasing Wife Handjob and Blowjob! Click here to watch! 

In this sensual femdom handjob game video I play your cock teasing wife who loves to make you ache! In between rounds I strip naked and tell you not to peek as I change into a sexier outfit! You can stroke along with me as I count each individual stroke! Will you cum in the first round? Will you cum in the third round? Will you get to cum at all? Play and see!

Length: 15 Minutes


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