Best Blowjob Ever


It was about one in the morning and my husband and I were really high from smoking weed. Our lights and camera were still set up from shooting videos all day. So we decided to film me going down on him! I love giving high blow jobs- I get so into it and deepthroating is so much fun! A great video of a sensual blowjob with lots of deepthroating and a huge load!

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A Too-Good Edging Blowjob

You want a blowjob from me? Well you’ll get it, but you have to listen to MY rules! I tell you when you can cum and if you cum too early there will be consequences! I give a really great blowjob- too good in fact because my loveslave came too quickly in my mouth!

Length: 9 minutes


Alien Saffatron Needs a DNA Sample!

Hello Hoo-man, I am Saffatron from planet Bleep-Blorp. I require a DNA sample. I am a scientist and I have been sent to collect your semen in my mouth receptacle. My species reproduces via cloning, but after millenia our genetics have degraded and my species faces extinction. Your DNA sample will help to make my next clone viable. Now, do not resist as I suck out a DNA sample and swallow it.

In this alien blowjob video I play an alien on a mission to save her home world- with your cum! I beam into your house and tell you that I have to suck your cock, and that I’m not taking no for an answer! You don’t resist. I give you a blowjob, with lots of eye contact, with twinkling tentacles on my head, sucking and licking your balls until you shoot a huge load of cum in my mouth!


Punish This Naughty Little Slut


 This is a 20 minute video where I get punished for spending too much of my master’s money. He spanks my ass until it turns bright red, using his hand, his belt and a paddle. He also shoves his nice hard cock down my throat causing me to gag- but he doesnt stop, and grabs my hair and pushes his cock down even further. He then takes me from behind and pounds me into submission… finally ending with my wrists bound to my ankles, with him face-fucking me until he comes into my mouth and the cum spills out down my chin… and I’ve learned my lesson… for now at least! 😉

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Riding Until I Cum

Length: 11 minutes

Watch from a voyeur’s point of view as I ride Dennis while wearing stockings and garters! As I ride him, I rub my pussy, grabbing my little vibrator and pressing it against my clit while grinding on his cock. I cum with his cock deep inside me, then I crouch down beside him and give him a blowjob, making him cum in my mouth!


Secretary Saffron Gets a Raise

Length: 7 minutes 

I hear that you’re planning on giving the promotion to Johnny…I think I have a way to change your mind…I’ll show you exactly what I have to offer you boss!

In this secretary porn video I play a secretary who will do anything for a raise! I get down on my knees and give you a sensual blowjob, letting you cum in my mouth and all over my face!



Surprise Sensual Blowjob

Video Length: 13:04

After a long hard day’s work, I thought it would be fun for you to come home to your wife all dressed up and waiting for you! So I dressed myself in your favourite lingerie- a tight laced corset, stockings with garters and lace thong. But that’s not the end of the surprise! I’m going to lay back, with my stocking covered feet up in the air, and give you a slow sensual blowjob until you cum all over my face!