Blowjob & Creampie for Comics

Comicon was so much fun! Let’s see what comics we got in our swag bags! Oh wow! You got some really awesome ¬†rare comics! Can I have them? Please? C’mon, I’m your girlfriend! Hmm…well what if I give you a blowjob? And maybe even let you cum inside me? Can I have the comics then?¬†

In this blowjob and creampie video, I play your girlfriend and we’ve just come home from comicon! I’m wearing a skin tight cat woman suit and high heels, and I will do anything to get your comics! So I unzip your jeans and give you a blowjob! But I know that as much as you love having me lick your cock, you really love licking my pussy! So I strip out of my catwoman costume, and spread my legs wide for you! You make me feel so good- but I know what will make us both feel even better! I get on top of you and bounce up and down on your cock! Finally, you get on top of me and give me a messy creampie, which I happily play with!

Length: 19 Minutes


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