Lie To Me



Innocent Alexa had never lied in her life. From an early age, her mother had reinforced the idea that lying was just about the worst thing you could do; a capital sin. Every time she began to tell even the slightest mistruth, she could feel her body tingle with what she assumed was overwhelming guilt. The feeling would start in her breasts, and quickly migrate down to her princess parts, which her mother also told her was a sin. So, she avoided lying at all costs in order to avoid these sinful sensations.

After a stellar university career, Alexa got her first job at a prestigious law firm, as she saw law as the ultimate pursuit of truth. But the job turned out to be harder than she expected, and her innocence was tested as her job required her to bend the truth just a little more than she was used to, resulting in surprising consequences!


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My Perfect Girlfriend


Sarah was the perfect girlfriend in every way except one…she had tiny A cup breasts. Of course, I could never ask her to get implants for me, but my desires still needed to be satisfied. So, I turned to the internet.

After a night of perusing my favorite big breast sites, I came across an ad. “SUPER SEMEN BREAST GROWTH PILLS”, it read. “GROW BREASTS TO XXL SIZES- NO SIDE EFFECTS!” I couldn’t resist!




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