Estrogen Cream Transforms You Into A Woman

I’ve manipulated my way into your family…slowly getting my way at your fortune. Everyone else in your family was easy to manipulate, but you, you were tricky. That is, until I found out that you were using my lotion to jack off with every day! That’s right, I’ve known for a while now…haven’t you noticed anything different about your body? I can see your budding breasts pressing against your shirt, surely you must have noticed that! And your skin, haven’t you noticed you haven’t needed to shave your face in a while? Every time you’ve jacked off with my lotion, it’s made you more and more like a woman! I replaced my lotion with illegal super powerful estrogen cream! You’ve been using it for so long now, that you’re just one wank away from being a woman forever! So go on, take out your cock and stroke it for me, cum for me! You just can’t help yourself! You’re going to be so pretty once that cock disappears! Then I’ll have all of your family money, and I’ll keep you around as my maid! 

In this POV gender transformation video I play a conniving woman who’s looking to steal your family money! Laugh at you and tease you, telling you exactly what’s going to happen to your body, and what your new life will be like. I pose on the bed in a short black dress, thigh high stockings and long gloves, I don’t get undressed but I encourage you to stroke and cum for me!

Length: 13 minutes


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Sexy Witch Saffron Transforms You Into a Horny Toad!

Oh, thanks for the drink! Mmmm… so do you want to go back to my place or something? Ok, let’s go!


Here, come have a seat! Hey! What do you think you’re doing grabbing at me like that!? Come here, let me give you a kiss instead…

Ha! You thought I was bringing you here for sex, didn’t you? Nope! You see, I’m actually a witch, and after all your lame pickup lines boring me tonight, I thought it would be more fun to bring you here to transform you into something a little more appropriate to your “style” for picking up women. So with each kiss I give you, you turn a little more into a fat, ugly, toad! The process is irreversible, so don’t even bother trying to fight it. Your skin is turning all bumpy and slimy and gross! Your eyes are bulging out, you probably can’t even see in color anymore! It’s really too bad, before hearing all your cheesy pickup lines I actually thought you were kinda cute, and for a super brief moment, I actually considered sleeping with you! Now you’ll be stuck forever with your human brain trapped in a horny toad body, and the only chance you’ll ever have at sex is with another disgusting toad! Ew!

*In this POV transformation fetish video, I play a sexy girl you meet at a bar who takes you back to her place and turns you into a toad with every kiss! You slowly lose the ability to see in color, and eventually all you can do is croak and make ribbit sounds!*

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The Doll House – Book 4 -Explicit Version – Bimbo Transformation Erotica


Today’s doll-to-be has a very specific plan in mind for her bimbo transformation. In addition to making her lips fuller, and removing a tattoo, she wants me to give her the world’s biggest breasts! She wants to be bigger than Lolo Ferrari, bigger than Beshine- bigger than everyone! She wants to be a star, and have a career of making porn movies with her massive titties. Her agent is very excited about her transformation, and picks out a perfect, bubbly new bimbo personality to go with her new look!

This 2700+ word bimbo transformation story features a sexy transformation scene, including massive breast expansion, turning Dahlia into Dolly- a bubbly, slutty, huge breasted bimbo! This version has 30% more than the Amazon version and has a hot boy-girl sex scene at the end with Dolly’s crazy-big boobs!


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Formula Turns Nerdy Step-Sister into a Monster

This formula I stole from the lab turned a poor ugly mouse into a beautiful pretty mouse, I wonder if it could do the same for me? Maybe then step-brother will love me more? *Drinks formula* Oh no! What’s happening to me?!

In this giantess growth video I play your nerdy step-sister that has a huge crush on you! You’re too cute to like a nerdy girl like me though, so I stole a formula that was supposed to make me beautiful. Instead, I begin to grow, and I get fangs! Now I’m nothing but a monster, and I’m going to swallow you whole!

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