Blowjob in the Pose! Sexy Satyrday – August 19th 2017

Hey Satyrs!

Happy Sexy Satyrday! After posting pictures of my frozen yogurt bowls to my Twitter and Instagram, I received lots of messages asking for the recipe! So this week I showed you how I make my favourite breakfast! After breakfast was done though is when the real fun started! I got into the pose, wearing my red satin robe (uncovering my ass of course!), and thigh high black stockings! I wiggle my toes as I suck Dennis’ cock, my tongue running up and down his shaft as my feet wrinkle and flex! In the end, Dennis gives me a huge facial which of course I happily play with!

Let me know what you’d like to see for next week’s Sexy Satyrday show!

Length: 6 Minutes


Sexy Satyrday is a weekly live show on Twitter that replaces Sexy Snapchat Saturday! Click here to watch all the Sexy Satyrday shows! Click here to watch all the Sexy Snapchat Saturday shows!

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The Strip Tease Mesmerize Seduction of Batman

Oh Bruce! I’m so glad you could come! My family is being threatened by a dangerous man and you’re the only one who can help us! Please, come in, have a seat! Is there anything I can tempt you with…

Pendant shimmers in the light

Bruce, are you staring at my pendant, or my tits? I don’t mind, I know many men find them attractive. In fact, all I want you to do is relax, and think about how beautiful my breasts and my pendant is… would you like to watch me dance? I can see by the bulge in your pants how much you like the way my body moves…

Why don’t you take your cock out, Bruce? Don’t be shy, I want to see what you’ve got there. That’s my good weak little superhero! Now I want you to stroke your cock for me. When I move my hips fast like this, I want you to stroke faster, and when I move my hips slow like this, I want you stroke slower. And don’t you dare cum until I give you permission…

You’ve been such a good boy Bruce, would you like to cum now? Beg me. Beg me to let you cum. This is your last chance to break my spell. All you have to do is ask me to stop, but if you don’t, you will be mine forever. You will betray your core beliefs, your morals, even your closest friends, just like Robin when he told me your true identity. Soon even the whole Justice League will serve me.


Now tell me Batman, what is Superman’s real identity?

*In this mesmerize/hypnotize roleplay video I play the seductress Mesmera who has lured Batman to her home, and ensnared him with her hypnotic pendant and seductive dancing. I dance to control your strokes until you cum all over yourself, completely under my spell.*

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Public Sex with Creampie at the Park

It was such a nice day out, that Dennis and I thought we should see if we could have a little fun at a nearby park! When we got there, Dennis reminded me that I hadn’t taken off my panties yet, so I promptly took them off under my short skirt right in the middle of the park! Then we sat down at a bench where I flashed a little, and I think one of the neighbors may have noticed 😛 After, we found a little bathroom where we went inside, and I got down on my knees to suck Dennis’ already hard cock for a bit, before he put it inside me and pounded me hard! It didn’t take long for my tight pussy to make him give me a huge creampie! The cum dripped right out of me and onto the floor a couple of times, but I’m a good girl so I cleaned up after us! Then back to the car, but not before some lady tried to use the bathroom we were just in, and must have seen us both coming out! Overall, I’d say it was a pretty fun day at the park! 😉

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Blowjob & Pornstar Q&A

I get a ton of questions all the time, so I thought it would be a fun to do a little Q&A video for you guys where I try to answer some of your questions! Of course, what better way to answer questions, than while I’m giving Dennis a blowjob! So in between sucks and licks I spend about 30 minutes answering questions/giving a blowjob until we run out of questions and Dennis shoots a huge load into my mouth! It was a ton of fun, and I’m super excited to share it with you guys, I hope you enjoy it! 🙂

I’d love to do more of these videos, so if you have more questions feel free to send them in! More questions, more blowjobs! 😛

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Wrinkled Sole Sensual Cocksucking

In this video, I give Dennis a long, slow, sensual blowjob. I tease the head of his cock and lick up all his precum, all while my feet are in the air, soles wrinkling and flexing! Gently licking his balls while I stroke his cock, I make sure not to neglect any part of him! I wrap my lips tightly around his shaft, taking him inside my mouth, getting really into sucking his cock, until he shoots a huge load entirely inside my mouth, cock pulsing with each shot. I savor every drop!

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Black Cotton Thong

This tight black thong is 100% cotton and hugs me oh-so-nicely! Pressed up against me, it’s sure to become saturated in my sweet scent. I’m currently having a moving sale (I find out tomorrow if I got the house!), so instead of my regular price of $50/pair, these can be yours for $25 if you pay with Bitcoin (or $30 if you’d like to pay by credit card) and members of my website get an additional $10 off! These include free north american shipping, vacuum sealing, PLUS a free video!

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