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intimate momentsIntimate Moments

This is a show where I read erotica and we share an intimate moment! Season 1 featured many different erotic authors, but  season 2 will only feature my erotic stories!


 stroking to the beatStroking to the Beat

This is a jerk off instruction game where we listen to independent music and stroke to the beat! Can you follow along and keep from cumming until the end of the song?


naughty bitsNaughty Bits

This was my show where I talked about everything I found sexy in Bitcoin news that week!




Sexy SnapChat Saturday!

This is our weekly live SnapChat show where we chat with you guys, do sensual blowjob shows, Choose-Your-Own-Adventure shows, Saffron Says JOI Game shows, contests and more!


Saffron: Close-Up

In this series you get an exciting close-up view of artistically shot sensual sex scenes including sensual blowjob, sensual handjob & footjob, sensual tit fuck handjob and more! Sensual jazz music plays in the background, softly, complementing my soft moans!


PerfectWifeBlowjob-titlecard1Perfect Wife Blowjob

The perfect wife makes you feel better when you’re sick, shows her appreciation when you do nice things for her, and makes you cum when you have no hands to jack off with! Just relax, and let your perfect wife take care of you!


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