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new member
I've only recently discovered Sexy Saffron and I want to say how much I enjoy your videos. You don't just make porn (although you do that very well) you create a celebration of sex! I found the cum wearing video a real hoot! I do have a few suggestions for videos I'd like to see, if you are so inclined:
Although I enjoy your penchant for blowjobs and all things oral, I'd like to see you expand your repertoire into urolangia. How about some public pissing videos? I don't mean crouching down behind a dumpster in an alley having a pee, I mean walking down the street while peeing. Standing at a bus stop while urinating, talking to a vender at an outdoor stall while relieving your bladder. These seem to be right in your wheelhouse. Also I would love for you to share your period with us. Free bleed- no panties, pads or tampons (a short skirt would be permissible). After trolling the neighborhood. Go back home for some wild sex emitting as much of your feminine juices as possible. I hope I have given you some ideas that you can use and I look forward to more from your wicked imagination. Cheers!

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