Intimate Moments Ep. 7

Length: 11 minutes

In this special episode of Intimate Moments I read my story Succubus from my book Halloween Hotness: 3 short stories of paranormal lust.

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Thank you for sharing this intimate moment with me!


Alien Saffatron Needs a DNA Sample!

Hello Hoo-man, I am Saffatron from planet Bleep-Blorp. I require a DNA sample. I am a scientist and I have been sent to collect your semen in my mouth receptacle. My species reproduces via cloning, but after millenia our genetics have degraded and my species faces extinction. Your DNA sample will help to make my next clone viable. Now, do not resist as I suck out a DNA sample and swallow it.

In this alien blowjob video I play an alien on a mission to save her home world- with your cum! I beam into your house and tell you that I have to suck your cock, and that I’m not taking no for an answer! You don’t resist. I give you a blowjob, with lots of eye contact, with twinkling tentacles on my head, sucking and licking your balls until you shoot a huge load of cum in my mouth!


Foot Domme 1


Watch as I tell you exactly how I used a loser and got him to give me all his money, his car, and his house without giving him anything! Instead, I put him inside my shoe so that he will forever be crushed under my soles. His face will get pressed and pinched in the wrinkles in my feet, his eyes will be crushed by my big toes… I own him now and he will never leave… careful or you just might be next!

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